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SOLSONÈS / RN de Caça del Cadí
THE EXPERIENCE Scenary and fauna. The golden eagle, the Eurasian eagle-owl or the snowy owl are just some of the 50 species of birds of prey, as well as other animals native to the Pyrenees, which you can admire in the Pyrenean Zoo, located in the small town of Odèn, in the Solsonès region.

A privileged space where activities with different animals are combined in a unique and protected environment where vultures, beavers or eagles live in the wild.

Located in an environment with incredible views on the rock of Canalda, you will enjoy a world that is almost unknown: wildlife. A private initiative that is considered as a center for environmental education, exhibition of fauna and birds of prey, where you can see different animals, basically birds such as: the tawny owl, the peregrine falcon, the eagle, the common kestrel, etc, but also small mammals like the fox or the marten.

The center is designed for families with children and for schools, although it is also interesting for adults, couples or groups of friends.
BEAR IN MIND Difficulty: Low
Duration: Half-day
Languages: Catalan, spanish
Material: Cicling appropriate clothes and footwear
Season: Year-round
Starting Point: Odèn
WHAT CAN I DO Come and have an enjoyable time while enjoying the different activities related to the Pyrenean fauna, where you can see, touch or even feed the animals. These are just some of the experiences that you can carry out in the Zoo of the Pyrenees by the hand of the caregivers and that we invite you to discover.

Free flight demonstrations: The main activity of the center is the free flight exhibit of family birds, carried out in an outdoor amphitheater tucked under the walls of Canalda, where you can see from the rapid and flat throttle of the flight of the kestrel to the mighty flight of the hawk, passing through the majesty of the owl, among others.

Another option for the more curious are guided tours to the facilities, with special attention to the aviaries: guided by the caretaker, you can approach the universe of birds and learn about some of the native species, from their habitat to their customs (food, reproduction, etc.).
+ INFORMATION Solsonès Tourist Office
Carretera de Bassella, 1 • 25280 Solsona
Tel. 973 48 23 10

Alt Pirineu and Cadí-Moixeró Visitors Center
Av. Valls d’Andorra, 33 • 25700 La Seu d’Urgell
Tel. 973 360 954
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