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ALT URGELL / PN del Cadí - Moixeró
THE EXPERIENCE A county of nature with views of the Cadí Mountains and the birds that fly above them. L’Urgellet is a natural area of Catalonia in the Alt Urgell region. Its county capital is La Seu d’Urgell, a town in which two rivers converge, the Valira and the Segre, and where you can find all kinds of tourist services, including the El Segre Olympic Park.

Small villages, such as Cerc, Ges, Vilanova de Banat and Ortedó, offer visitors spectacular panoramic views of the beautiful Cadí Mountains, the Cerdanya plain and Alt Urgell.

Above the village of Lletó, in the municipality of Alàs, there is a lookout point that is perfect for  birdwatching, especially in the late summer and  early autumn, when the birds are migrating.

This is a county with a long stockbreeding tradition and it is famous for its high-quality cheeses.
BEAR IN MIND · As in all mountain areas, in winter you have to pay special attention to the condition of the roads and tracks, as you may find patches of ice or rockslides that make it difficult or impossible to pass.
MAIN ATTRACTIONS ·  Photography enthusiasts, or those who just like admiring beautiful scenery, will love places like Vilanova de Banat.

·  The Turó Galliner lookout point offers excellent views of Alt Urgell and good part of the Axial Zone of the Pyrenees. It is also an ideal spot to see migratory birds of prey.

· In La Seu d’Urgell you will find all the services you need to enjoy a stay in the area or just to spend a few hours of leisure time there.

· The “Alt Urgell Nature Exhibition: Heritage and Resource” is in the Espai Ermengol and provides detailed information about the county’s natural heritage. 

· An ideal place to taste delicious, traditionally-made cheeses.

· At the El Segre Olympic Park you can enjoy sports such as rafting and  canoeing. It is also the county’s   Mountain Biking Centre.

On the Natural Park’s website, you’ll find detailed information about its activity programme, footpath network,   infrastructure (recreational areas, lookout points, interpretation centres, etc.) and local and organic producers:
+ INFORMATION Download all the information about this experience in PDF,Here.