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PALLARS SOBIRÀ / PN de l'Alt Pirineu
THE EXPERIENCE La Mollera of Escalarre is the largest wetland area in the High Pyrenees Natural Park. La Mollera d’Escalarre is the largest wetland in the park and an excellent place for family tourism. In just a small area you will find the most extensive riverside woods, numerous species of birds that seek refuge here, especially during the migratory period, remarkable historical and cultural heritage and an important fishing zone.

Discover its unique heritage and gentle orography as you walk along its network of itineraries, many of which are suitable for visitors with reduced mobility. 
BEAR IN MIND • If you would like to observe aquatic birds and otters, early morning or sunset are the best times, as the fauna is most active then.

Don’t forget your binoculars and a guide to the flora and fauna of the Natural Park to identify the birds.
MAIN ATTRACTIONS • The geomorphology of La Mollera d’Escalarre. Water and ice have worked for more than 70,000 years to create the present-day landscape.

The best riverside woodlands in the park. Luxuriant, shady and full of life.

One of the most important and most accessible areas of Catalonia in which to catch native river trout, with a kill and a no-kill zone.

• A complete network of itineraries with numerous facilities: birdwatching hides with panels describing the landscape, flora and fauna; panoramic lookout points and recreational areas.

• Churches, chapels and historical heritage linked to the conflicts of the 20th century.
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