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PALLARS SOBIRÀ / PN de l'Alt Pirineu
THE EXPERIENCE A classic walk on which to discover two of the great natural features of the Pyrenean landscapes: Lake Sant Maurici and Els Encantats Mountains. The walk around Lake Sant Maurici is an ideal itinerary to get an overall view of the upper basin of the River Escrita and enjoy the spectacular scenery dominated by peaks and cropped crests.

From the Sant Maurici information booth take the path that leads to Ratera Waterfall and connects to the track that climbs to Ratera Lake. At the fork after the lake take the left-hand path that leads to the lookout point. If you continue, flanking the buttresses of Portarró Peak along a well-marked footpath, you will come to the path that descends from the col of the same name and leads down to Lake Sant Maurici.

Once at Ratera Lake, you can also opt to visit the Amitges Lakes, another classic itinerary that allows you to observe the changes in the landscape as you climb.
BEAR IN MIND • Itinerary of moderate difficulty

• Respect the signposting

• Recommended period for visiting: from May to the end of October.

• Camping outside controlled areas is not allowed

• Recommended equipment: water, food, walking boots, warm clothing, a waterproof, sun protection lotion
MAIN ATTRACTIONS • Ratera Waterfall. One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the National Park that cascades from the hanging valley of Ratera to the main Sant Maurici valley.

• L’Ordigal. A strategic point with excellent views of the glacial valleys of Monestero and Subenuix, as well as El Portarró d’Espot col, a natural pass to the banks of the River Sant Nicolau.

• Ratera Lake. Located at an altitude of 2,100 m, a good place to see much of the typical vegetation of the high mountain lakes.

• Puiador d’Amitges. If you decide to continue to the Amitges Lakes, follow the indicated footpath long which, just before you reach the track, there is an ideal spot for observing marmots.

• Amitges Lakes. Almost alongside the refuge, the Gran Amitges, Els Barbs and La Munyidera lakes occupy the bottom of the ancient glacial troughs.

• Agulles d’Amitges. Behind Gran Amitges Lake there are two granite needles that were left isolated by the glaciers.

• The Lake Lookout Point. Located on a path that links the two slopes of the River Escrita Valley, this is a unique spot from which to contemplate the relief that surrounds you. An orientation table allows you to identify the geographical features of the surroundings.

• Subenuix Gully. A magnificent example of the park’s subalpine woods. You will find fine examples of spruce, mountain pine, mountain ash, birch, willow, etc.
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