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PALLARS SOBIRÀ / PN de l'Alt Pirineu
THE EXPERIENCE An itinerary on which you can walk from the car park at the entrance to the park to the lake through the dense riverside spruce woods. An itinerary that runs between the meadows and woods of the lowest part of the park, where you can see evidence of stockbreeding, one of the traditional uses of the valley.

You will come across various interpretative panels that explain different aspects of the valley’s natural and cultural heritage, as well as an exhibition about the traditional exploitation of the forest in Pyrenees in the hut at Pallers bridge.

The first part of the footpath, through the spruce woods that skirt the River Escrita, is a wooden walkway suitable for wheelchairs (450 m). After crossing the river, the path continues along the sunny side of the valley. Shortly after, you cross the road and go back into the woods, climbing among pines, spruce, birch and whitebeam, until you cross a small gully near Sant Maurici Chapel. From this point, it is a ten-minute climb to Lake Sant Maurici.
BEAR IN MIND • Low difficulty itinerary

• Please respect the signposting
• Recommended period: April to November

• Camping outside controlled areas is not allowed

• Recommended equipment: water, food, walking boots, warm clothing, a waterproof, sun protection lotion.
MAIN ATTRACTIONS • The Spruce Woods. A good example of the forest ecosystem found in the lowest part of the alpine habitat. Observe the deforested zones that correspond to the gullies down which the avalanches flow in years of abundant snow.

• Toll de la Gorga Bridge. A small bridge that crosses the River Escrita and links the sunny and shady sides of the valley. Once you are on the sunny side, you can see the spruce woods in all their extension and the masses of Scots pine that stretch out behind you on the steep slopes of the Pinetó.

• Sant Maurici Chapel. Sheltering below a rocky threshold, this small chapel is a place of meeting and worship for the people of the Espot Valley, who get together there twice a year to honour their patron saint. In front of it is the slender silhouette of Els Encantats (2,745m).

• Lake Sant Maurici. The lake preserves its great beauty and emblematic nature. About ten minutes from there is the Ernest Mallafré Refuge, a good base for numerous climbs.

• Panoramic view of Els Encantats. These are the most emblematic mountains in the National Park. Their two peaks are separated by a fork in which, if you look closely, you will see the silhouettes of two hunters who, according to legend, were cursed and petrified forever, giving the mountains their name.
+ INFORMATION Download all the information about this experience in PDF,Here.