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PALLARS SOBIRÀ / PN de l'Alt Pirineu
THE EXPERIENCE An essential itinerary for all those who want to see the eastern sector of the National Park in all its magnitude. An essential itinerary for all those who want to see the eastern sector of the National Park in all its magnitude.

It has an impressive collection of high mountain lakes, including the Estany Negre (Black Lake), the deepest in the park. Near the lake is the Josep Maria Blanc Refuge, set in bucolic mountain surroundings on the shore of Tort de Peguera Lake, from where there is easier access to the upper part of the valley, which is occupied by a rosary of small lakes.

The route begins at the village of Espot, from where you take the GR that follows the road of the ski slopes as far as the Peguera Valley. From there the path follows the left bank of the gully and climbs up the valley to the Lladres Dam, after which it follows the track that climbs to Tort de Peguera Lake, the eastern shore of which you skirt until, after about 10 minutes, you reach the Josep Maria Blanc Refuge. The track ends at the Black Lake.
BEAR IN MIND • Itinerary of moderate difficulty

• Please respect the signposting

• Recommended time to visit: June to October

• Camping outside controlled areas is not allowed

• Recommended equipment: water, food, walking boots, long trousers, warm clothing, a waterproof, sun protection lotion
MAIN ATTRACTIONS • Peguera Waterfall. A terraced waterfall that flows among mountain pines. The effects of winter avalanches can be seen here.

• Lladres Dam. From here you have a full view of the valley and a chance to catch your breath on your climb up the slope. Once you start to gain height above this lake, keep a lookout for views of the magnificent Trescuro Lakes.

• Josep Maria Blanc Refuge. At an altitude of 2,350 metres in an idyllic setting on a small peninsula in Tort Lake. It has 60 places equipped with mattresses and blankets for overnight stays, as well as toilets and hot showers. The food service offers you the convenience of not having to worry about cooking, as well as the opportunity to try some of the typical specialities of a high mountain refuge. The refuge has recently been refurbished to make your stay even more comfortable.    

• Black Lake of Peguera. An impressive circular lake surrounded by granite peaks, including the Mainera, Saburó and Peguera (almost 3,000 metres high). Farther up, following the GR and the Chariots of Fire route, you come to another horizontal shelf in the upper Peguera valley where there are three lakes: Llastra, Cabana and Coveta. From there you can continue to the Saburó col and the Colomina refuge in the Fosca Valley or to Monestero Col, from where you can make your way back through that valley.
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