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PALLARS JUSSÀ / RN de Caça de Boumort
THE EXPERIENCE Wildlife observation in off-road 4x4. To see free wildlife, it is not necessary to sign up for a safari to the African savannah. In the Catalan Pre Pyrenees, there is a natural space where, with a bit of luck, you can see animals in their habitat. This is the Serra de Boumort, a hunting reserve where seeing deer, vultures, bearded vultures or the Pyrenean chamois, becomes the most normal thing in the world, but exciti ng nontheless.

This natural space is located in the regions of l’Alt Urgell, the Pallars Jussà and the Pallars Sobirà and occupies 13,000 ha. of abrupt and wild landscapes, difficult to find elsewhere.

To enter each of the corners of the mountains we will need more than one weekend, although with a circular
itinerary you can discover the different types of vegetati on in the area, as well as the most characteristic animals.

Come and discover the Pyrenean fauna, in an easy and simple way through an exciting guided tour in off  road 4x4 at the Serra de Boumort.
BEAR IN MIND Difficulty: Low
Duration: Half-day
Languages: Catalan, spanish, english
Material: Comfortable clothes andshoes
Season: April to October
Starting Point: Pobla de Segur
WHAT CAN I DO There are several ways to get to Boumort. The most used is the one that leaves La Pobla de Segur in Pallars Sobirà, directi on Claverol, from where we will start a circular route through the mountains, passing through different strategic points that you can not miss in order to enjoy the fauna and the typical landscape of this area.

In the rock of Santa, you will be able to observe different birds of prey, which are the most characteristic in this type of rocky environment, griff on, cinereous, bearded and egypti an vulture, golden eagle and hawks.

The Coma d’Orient, is the habitat of chamois, birds of prey and western capercaillies. In this part of the route we highlight the presence of a great number of deer, where you will be able to see without difficulty some of the more than 600 that live here and that with their robustness and spectacular antlers delight wildlife lovers.

During the fall it is possible to enjoy one of the most incredible natural spectacles you can imagine, the bellowing of the deer. Time of mating of these incredible animals that with their struggles and bellows will make you live nature like never before. Hopefully you will also see chamois or roe deer since these rare species also live in the reserve. During the return journey there are two observatories from where you can easily see vultures and other birds of prey.
+ INFORMATION Boumort National Hunting Reserve Office
C/ Can Farga 4 • 25620 Tremp
Tel.: 973 654 716

Pobla de Segur Tourist Office
Av. Verdaguer, 35 • 25500 La Pobla de Segur
Tel.: 973 680 257

Pallars Jussà Visitors Center-Epicenter
Passeig del Vall, 13 • 25620 Tremp
Tel. 973 653 470
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