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PALLARS SOBIRÀ / PNac d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici
THE EXPERIENCE In these valleys discover verdant woods, waterfalls, lakes and lookout points with magnificent panoramic views of the park. The itinerary to Gerber Lake from the La Peülla car park in the Bonaigua Valley is ideal for observing the phenomena caused by glacial erosion.
Don’t miss the Gerber Waterfall, near the Chapel of La Mare de Déu de les Ares. At the head of the Gerber Valley is the Mataró bivouac refuge, from where experienced mountaineers can begin good climbs and crossings.

La Mata de València is the largest spruce forest on the Iberian Peninsula. Seasoned walkers can complete the hike to the Black Lake of Cabanes or make a spectacular circuit, even spending a night at the Pla de la Font Refuge.

From the Pla de la Font Refuge it is easy to reach the Coll de Fogueruix lookout point, from where you can enjoy spectacular views over the park and the mountains that separate the Pallars region from the French valleys of the Ariège.
BEAR IN MIND • Respect the signposting

• Recommended period to visit: June to October

• Camping outside controlled areas is not allowed

• Recommended equipment: water, food, walking boots, long trousers, warm clothing, a waterproof, sun protection lotion
MAIN ATTRACTIONS • La Mata and El Gerdar Forest. This is the largest spruce forest in area on the southern slopes of the Pyrenees. It is unique in forming an unbroken body of forest. Despite centuries of exploitation, it is one of the best-preserved forest ecosystems and has a highly diverse fauna.

• Costa Solana. An area of meadows, where the woods open up and you can see the remains of the stone walls that were used as animal pens. If you look at the buttresses of the Pui de la Bonaigua, you can see the spectacular contact between the granite and the limestone.

• Cabanes Ford. Plains situated below the buttresses of the Tèsol de Son, by which you cross the Cabanes gully, where you can often surprise roe deer drinking in the river.

• Breviari Plains. An area of meadows situated between Cabanes and El Coro pass.

• Gerber Waterfall. A spectacular waterfall more than 100 metres high, equal to the elevation gain between the Bonaigua and Gerber valleys. A path from El Gerdar refuge takes you to it.

• Gerber Lake. A large lake enclosed by spectacular rock walls. For a good view of the lake, walk a short distance up the path on its left-hand side.

• Coll de Fogueruix lookout point located about a 20-minute walk from Pla de la Font Refuge.
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