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VAL D'ARAN / PNac d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici
THE EXPERIENCE A landscape of glacial lakes. Nature in pure state. Come and walk through the unique Atlantic valley of the Catalan Pyrenees and let yourself be surrounded by the magic of a spectacular landscape.

The Val d’Aran, located on the Atlantic slope of the Pyrenees, offers a landscape, ecological, cultural and historical wealth diffi cult to overcome. It has natural spaces of capti vating beauty, sweet and fierce,
possessing biological characteristics and special landscapes.
In addition, this territory has another type of wealth, beyond the landscape and nature, which has been forged over time, over centuries of history and has contributed to build an extraordinary cultural value.

One of the impressive places for the beauty of its landscape that can be visited in the territory is the Colomèrs lake circus. It is a mass of mountains arranged in a circle that shelters about fifty lakes, legacy of
the slow but effective erosion of the ice, in the glacial epochs.
BEAR IN MIND Difficulty: Medium-high
Duration: Short route: 4 hours, long route: 7 hours
Languages: Catalan, spanish, english, french
Material: Cross-country sportswear
Season: April to October
Starting Point: Banhs de Tredòs
WHAT CAN I DO Access to the refuge of Colomèrs already rewards the effort. The environment is a high mountain area with high and steep peaks that are around 3,000 meters high, such as Cruz de Colomèrs, Gran Tuc de Colomèrs and Tuc de Ratera.

Access by car is via the Aiguamòg Valley, to the parking lot of the Banhs de Tredòs, the highest spa hotel in Europe at 1,740 meters, on the outskirts of the National Park of Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici, and where during the winter, you can gain access on snowshoes or snowmobiles.

From there there is a transport service in the summer months to the end of the trail, where you will start the trail in which you can choose between the short route of approximately 4 hours and which will take you following the yellow signs, 7 lakes closest to the entrance of the circus; or the long route of approximately 7 hours that will take you following the red markings to 2,607 meters, and about 12 lakes, each different from the previous one, with its own personality, but all with a spectacular panoramic view of the surroundings.
+ INFORMATION Espot National Park House
Carrer de Sant Maurici, 5 • 25597 Espot
Tel/Fax. 973 624 036

Boí National Park House
Ca de Simamet
Carrer de les Graieres, 2 • 25528 Boí
Tel. 973 696 189

Senet Information Center
La Serradora
C/ del Port,10 • 25553 Senet, Alta Ribagorça
Tel. 973 698 232

Llessuí Information Center
Ecomuseu dels Pastors de la Vall de Àssua
Antigues escoles s/n • 25567 Llessui, Pallars Sobirà
Tel. 973 621 798
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