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BERGUEDÀ / PN del Cadí - Moixeró
THE EXPERIENCE An emblematic mountain enveloped in magic. The Pedraforca Is one of the best-known mountains in Catalonia, both for its symbolism and the opportunities it offers for rock climbing, ice climbing and hiking.

Apart from the best-known image of the two prongs from Maçaners, there are other very different views, including those from Gósol, Gisclareny and Coll de la Traba.

From the villages that surround the Pedraforca, such as Saldes, Gósol, Vallcebre, Maçaners and Gisclareny, you can connect to the network of GR, PR, SL and thematic footpaths that will take you to places of major geological, faunal and floral interest.

There is a large beech and fir forest at the foot of the mountain in the Gresolet Valley, presided over by the sanctuary of the same name with various signposted monumental trees. It is of great botanical interest and its fantasy-like atmosphere invites you to enjoy pleasant strolls. 
BEAR IN MIND · The Pedraforca is a high mountain peak on which there are frequent accidents.

You must plan your excursion well, take into account the abilities of the participants, be well-documented, check the weather forecast and take suitable equipment.
MAIN ATTRACTIONS • Rock climbing on the whole of the massif and ice climbing, depending on the time of the year and the temperature, on the north face of the Pedraforca.

• Walking itineraries around the Pedraforca, nature itineraries: the Route of the Small Tit; thematic routes: the Way of Picasso, the Reapers’ Route, the Camí dels Bons Homes, Cavalls del Vent.

• Facilities such as the lookout points give you the opportunity to enjoy the mythical mountain from different points.

• Small villages with well-defined personalities at the foot of the Pedraforca.

You’ll find detailed information on the Massís del Pedraforca Natural Site of National Interest website about its activity programme, footpath network and infrastructure (recreational areas, lookout points, interpretation centres, etc.) and local and organic food producers:
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