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CERDANYA / PN del Cadí - Moixeró
THE EXPERIENCE A spot bathed by the River Segre and its tributaries that flow directly from the steep Cadí Mountains. El Baridà is a subcounty in the high valley of the Segre located between Sant Martí dels Castells and L’Estret de Mollet, in Pont de Bar. It is made up of the municipalities of La Cerdanya (Montellà i Martinet and Lles de Cerdanya) and L’Alt Urgell (El Pont de Bar and El Querforadat, in the municipality of Cava).

Martinet, set on the right bank of the Segre, at the confluence with the La Llosa River, has taken advantage of its privileged location with respect to the river courses that surround it. It has promoted fishing tourism and diverse small industries linked to water and water power (a fish farm, hydroelectric plants, etc.). Where it passes through the county of La Cerdanya, the River Segre still preserves communities of great scenic, faunal and botanic interest. For that reason, in 1987 the Segre-Prullans Partial Nature Reserve and the La Llosa Partial Nature Reserve were created with the objective of guaranteeing the survival of the last remaining otter populations.
In this area you will also find many products handmade by small local producers, including sausages and cheeses.
BEAR IN MIND · To fish you need a recreational fishing licence and if you wish to fish in a controlled fishing zone you need a permit.

For more information:  http://agricultura.gencat. cat/ca/ambits/medi-natural/casa-pesca-continental/pesca-continental/
MAIN ATTRACTIONS • The course of the river and its activities: the River Segre has contributed to the development of tourism in the area. 

• The villages of Montellà i Martinet preserve an important cultural legacy: bridges, churches, castles, civil war bunkers, etc.

• Tourism resources such as the Casa del Riu (House of the River) and the Bunkers of Montellà i Martinet Park

• Typical local products include river trout, organic meat, country bread with designation of origin, chocolates, cakes and sausages.

• It is a popular place for fishing enthusiasts.

 On the Natural Park’s website you will find detailed information about its activity programme, footpath network, infrastructure (recreational areas, lookout points, interpretation centres, etc.) and local and organic food producers:
+ INFORMATION Download all the information about this experience in PDF,Here.