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ALTA RIBAGORÇA / PNac d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici
THE EXPERIENCE The banks of the Caldes offer you the opportunity to walk from the Cavallers Reservoir along well-signposted trails that take you on a journey of discovery through the high Pyrenean mountains. The Route of the Marmot offers you the opportunity to discover one of the most likeable of the National Park’s animal residents.

The trail runs up a valley from which you have magnificent views of the Besiberri Massif and the highest peaks in the park (over 3,000 metres).

Higher up you come to the Black Lake and the Ventosa i Calvell refuge, one of the most spectacular mountain refuges in the park. The path takes you to the upper basin of the River Caldes. The animals that are taken to pasture in the meadows of the Aran Valley also use this route to cross the Caldes Pass to Colomèrs.

When you can make out the waters of Cavallers Reservoir, a well-marked path skirts the reservoir that, depending on the time of the year, offers a more or less attractive image. From the end of the reservoir there is a slight climb to the Riumalo fold. Next comes the steepest part, Les Llastres de la Morta. Zigzagging between ice-polished rocks, you finally see the sunken Black Lake just below you.
BEAR IN MIND · A highly educational route on which to learn about quaternary glaciers and get a good idea of how the landscape of the park was formed.
MAIN ATTRACTIONS · Cavallers Reservoir. A major hydroelectric project built in the mid-20th century between the granite walls of the valley.

· Riumalo Waterfall. A spectacular almost-20-metre-high waterfall on the descent of the Noguera de Tor.

· Riumalo Fold. An extensive area in which you can enjoy watching marmots, one of the most likeable animals in the Pyrenees.

· Llastres de la Morta. A collection of rocks with spectacular polished granite surfaces.
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