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PALLARS SOBIRÀ / PN de l'Alt Pirineu
THE EXPERIENCE Tranquil, magic villages with the essence of the high mountains, a paradise waiting to be discovered. The little known and peaceful Unarre Valley is one of the places it is worthwhile taking time to discover. It is a valley with the purest Pyrenean essence, where you can taste and discover what the Pyrenees are all about.

Small villages with charm that invite you to stroll around them. Villages surrounded by steep mountains that reveal the harshness of the landscape. Stone shepherds’ huts, churches and other buildings for livestock give life to the environment.

You will also find the stockbreeding essence in the village of Gavàs and its cheese factory, and you can enjoy the magic of water in the numerous glacial lakes, such as La Gola, Calberante and Els Tres Estanys.

It is also a starting point for climbing the highest peaks and viewing the park from a bird’s eye view.
BEAR IN MIND • Take advantage of the summer to climb to the summit of El Ventolau or El Mont-roig. The more adventurous can make the ascent in winter with skis or snowshoes, but you must find out beforehand if there is any avalanche risk.

• The track to Pla de Sartari and La Gola Lake is only suitable for off-road vehicles. You can hire a taxi or begin the excursion on foot from the Cerbi car park.
MAIN ATTRACTIONS • Glacial geomorphology. Ice and the water have carved out these valleys and given them their present-day relief with many beautiful lakes of crystalline waters, including La Gola (the largest), Calberante, Buixasse, Tres Estanys and Ventolau. Rising high above them are peaks such as Montroig (2,846 m) and Pic de Ventolau (2,851 m).

• Pla de Sartari. Near the car park in Sartari. A walk will take you to one of the most spectacular places in the area, a large plain crossed by sinuous waters and surrounded by steep slopes with two lovely waterfalls, Sartari and La Gola.

• The stone shepherds’ huts of Aurós, testimonies to a stockbreeding past and present used to store grass and enclose the animals.

• Romanesque churches and chapels and historical heritage make their presence known in the area and help create its characteristic features. Of note are the Chapel of Sant Beado and the Romanesque church of Sant Pere d’Aurós.

• Very well preserved high mountain villages, such as Cerbi, Gavàs and Unarre, offer the visitor a sensation of great peace. Gavàs also has a craft cheese factory that can be visited on a guided tour.
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