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PALLARS SOBIRÀ / PN de l'Alt Pirineu
THE EXPERIENCE Discover and fi sh in the rivers of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park. The valleys and mountains within the Natural Park of l’Alt Pirineu offer serene beauty and wild landscapes, more than a hundred quiet lakes, impetuous torrents and mountain rivers, where fishing enthusiasts find endless options to enjoy, spaces where you can still find true native trout and other lesser known species.

The trout is an elusive fish, cautious and distrustful, with a force and aggressiveness unusual in the rest of the fish that are usually found in mountain rivers, with pure and well oxygenated waters. It is a territorial species that spends its entire life in a very limited stretch of the river, making its major trips during spawning. Starti ng Point in the month of May, the trout can be found in the rivers and lakes att racting many fans, who find in this park an idyllic environment to practice this sport.

Note that this type of fi shing is mostly without death.
BEAR IN MIND Difficulty: Low
Duration: 1. 2 to 3 hours, 2. Half-day
Languages: Catalan, spanish
Material: 1. Comfortable clothes, 2. Fishing gear
Season: Year-round
Starting Point: Tavascan
WHAT CAN I DO Fishing enthusiasts will find in this area numerous options to practice their favorite sport. From the option of fishing in a fish farm, to guided fishing in any of its modalities. You choose.

1.- Tavascan fish farm: It will give you the option to know the production of the trout, as well as the opportunity to fish. The fish farm maintains a close link between aquaculture and the environment. The trouts grow beside the river, in the water that comes directly from the lakes, without having passed through any towns or facilities and is oxygenated naturally with waterfalls; which is why they achieve an excellent product.

2.-Guided fishing tours: Fishing in high mountains is very rewarding because the environment is of great beauty and diversity. The valleys and mountains where the crystal waters flow, are a perfect habitat for trouts. Fishing in the Noguera Pallaresa River is conditioned by the water level variations, which is why it is necessary to take advantage of the first and last hours of the day since that is when the level is lower.

Fishing in lakes has its charm because you are immersed in a wild environment, although it should be noted that due to the non-existence of many specimens, it is not an easy catch. Canoe fishing allows you to reach key sites for much more accurate launches.
+ INFORMATION Valls d’Àneu Tourism Consortium
Carrer Major, 42 • 25580 Esterri d’Àneu
Tel.: 973 62 65 68 - 973 62 63 45

Pallars Sobirà Regional Tourist Office
Camí de la Cabanera, s/n • 25560 Sort
Tel.: 973 62 10 02

APP Fishing Pirineu de Lleida
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