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ALT URGELL / PN del Cadí - Moixeró
THE EXPERIENCE Turpentines, secular tradition. Come visit this remote corner of the Pyrenees and discover the vast variety of activities you can do around the curious and interesting world of medicinal plants.

Some centuries ago, humanity used medicinal plants obtained from nature to cure diseases. The “trementinaires”, taking advantage of the popular wisdom passed down through generati ons, toured the villages of Catalonia, selling medicinal plants: turpentine, dried mushrooms, oils made from turpentine and other natural products with curative properties that they created from what their natural environment offered. With these, they applied ointments and plasters to people and animals to heal diseases such as colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, diphtheria, bone fractures, inflammations, etc.
Getting to know the flora of the Cadí Moixeró Natural Park and the ancient trade of the “trementi naires”- turpentines, is a good option for couples, groups or families with children who are looking for a different plan to enjoy learning.
BEAR IN MIND Difficulty: Low
Duration:  Half day
Languages:  Catalan and Spanish
Material: Confortable clothes
Season: Year-round
Starting Point: Tuixent
WHAT CAN I DO To learn more about this interesting world, in Tuixent and its surroundings, different infrastructures and itineraries have been created that will help you get to know the medicinal plants and the remedies used by turpentines.

If you like walking and the outdoors, both the botanical itinerary of the Vall de Mola and the Urban Garden of the Trementinaires, will allow you to discover a large number of medicinal plants as you stroll through charming and often forgotten corners of the Vall de Mola and Tuixent respectively.

If you prefer museums, in the “Museu de les Trementinaires” and the Flora Center of the Cadí Moixeró Natural Park, you will be able to learn how herbs and home remedies were commercialized at the time. The Center also offers different guided tours and activities throughout the year, such as: guided itineraries to discover aromatic and medicinal plants, flower courses and workshops on plants, workshops for the elaboration of home remedies, workshops to produce soap and liquors, etc.
+ INFORMATION Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park Center
C/ la Vinya, 1 • 08695 Bagà
Tel.: 938 24 41 51 • Fax 938 24 43 12

Alt Pirineu and Cadí-Moixeró Natural Parks Visitor Center
Av. Valls d’Andorra, 33 • 25700 La Seu d’Urgell
Tel.: 973 360 954

Flora interpretation center
C-462, km 50 • 25717 Tuixent
Tel.: 973 37 00 30
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