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ALT URGELL / PN del Cadí - Moixeró
THE EXPERIENCE A little-known valley with medicinal plants and well-rooted traditions from the world of the Trementinaires. The La Vansa and Tuixent Valley is in the pre-Pyrenean range. The isolated location of this valley has ensured the preservation of its nature and villages, although they have suffered from serious depopulation.
It lies between the Cadí Mountains to the north and the La Verd and Port del Comte Mountains to the south and the La Vansa River runs through it. 

Here you will find many places devoted to the park’s flora and the use of its medicinal and aromatic plants: the Flora Centre, the Trementinaires Museum, botanical itineraries and an arboretum. There are also historical sites such as Josa de Cadí, the stones of which speak to us of Cathars and life in the Middle Ages.

The municipality of La Vansa i Fórnols is crossed by the La Vansa River and shares with the Tuixent Valley the cross-country skiing resort of Tuixent-La Vansa, This, together with the Romanesque, baroque and Gothic architecture of La Vansa, make it an interesting place to visit.

Espai La Vansa in the village of Sorribes has an exhibition of the municipality’s attractions.
BEAR IN MIND  · As in all mountain areas, in winter you have to pay special attention to the condition of roads and tracks, as you may find patches of ice or rockslides that make it difficult or impossible to pass.
MAIN ATTRACTIONS • Enjoy small villages such as Fórnols, Sorribes de la Vansa, Cornellana, Ossera, Tuixent and Josa.

• The village of Tuixent has different places devoted to the local vegetation, such as the Natural Park Flora Centre, the Trementinaires Botanical Garden and the Trementinaires Museum (19th- and early 20th-century herbalists).

• The Medicinal Plants Itinerary and the Arboretum of Planells del Sastró.

• The Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic of La Vansa valley.

Handicrafts and products made in the valley (cheese, jam, remedial herbs, sculpture, paintings).

• The cross-country ski resort of Tuixent-La Vansa.

On the Natural Park’s website, you’ll find detailed information about its activity programme, footpath network, infrastructure (recreational areas, lookout points, interpretation centres, etc.) and local and organic food producers:

More information of interest about the area at
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