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BERGUEDÀ / PN del Cadí - Moixeró
THE EXPERIENCE A hidden valley, rich in water, vegetation and culture. On the southern slopes of the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park you will find this small valley carved out by the River Bastareny, a tributary of the Llobregat.

You can visit the source of the river, L’Adou del Bastareny, in the municipality of Gisclareny. Before that, going downriver, you come to one of its most important tributaries: the Els Empedrats torrent. Here you can walk along the old highway to Coll de Pendís and La Cerdanya to enjoy fascinating scenery and nature and discover the Cua de Cavall and the Bullidor de la Llet. As they pass through this valley, the River Bastareny and its tributaries endow it with magical spots, including streams, waterfalls and the Els Empedrats gully.

Away from the river you can also enjoy visiting the Romanesque chapels and walking the local footpaths that take you into the heart of the valley and the municipality of Gisclareny.
BEAR IN MIND · It is recommended to use a 4x4 or a high vehicle on the forest tracks from Coll de la Bena to the Pedraforca lookout point and Pont de Saldes on Coll de Bauma.

During the winter months the forest trail from Coll de la Bena to the Pedraforca lookout point is closed due to snow and ice.
MAIN ATTRACTIONS • Water is the protagonist here: the water courses of Els Empedrats torrent and the River Bastareny and its source; the Bullidor de la Llet and the Cua de Cavall.

• Gisclareny, a charming, peaceful village from which you can enjoy spectacular views of the Pedraforca Mountain.

• Guardiola de Berguedà, where the River Bastareny joins the Llobregat. A major communications hub, once of railways and now of roads, it has all the necessary tourist services.

• Romanesque: the Bastareny Valley has its fair share of Romanesque chapels, including those of Sant Martí del Puig, Sant Miquel de Turbians and Sant Joan de l’Avellanet.

• The Monastery of Sant Llorenç in Guardiola del Berguedà.

On the Natural Park’s website you’ll find detailed information about its activity programme, footpath network, infrastructure (recreational areas, lookout points, interpretation centres, etc.) and local and organic food producers:  
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