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PALLARS SOBIRÀ / PN de l'Alt Pirineu
THE EXPERIENCE Meet and participate in the Pallars way of life through a visit to the Ecomuseum. The Valls d’Àneu Ecomuseum is a new conception for a museum where you can deepen, in an active and participative way, in the way of life of the Pallars from the beginning of the last century.

Unlike traditional museums, the Ecomuseum is not located in a single building, but extends across the territory to explain the life of the valleys that are part of it. These different heritage centers are spread over the small and authentic villages of the Valls d’Àneu, representing their own way of life, connected through indispensable itineraries of recognition and familiarization.

The tour will also allow you to discover the rich and varied monumental heritage of the territory, irrefutable proof of a successful past, as witnessed by the wonderful medieval complex that you will discover, from village to village, in all of the Valls d ‘Àneu.
BEAR IN MIND Difficulty: Low
Duration: Half-day
Languages: Catalan, spanish, english
Material: Comfortable clothes and shoes
Season: Year-round
Starting Point: Esterri d’Aneu
WHAT CAN I DO Visit the patrimonial spaces spread around the small and precious villages of Àneu and enter the culture of the present, past and future of a mountain territory.

We will take as a Starting Point point the Cassa Gassia located in the old town of Esterri d’Aneu. Casa Gassia, is a house that represents most of the homes of this area of the Pyrenees in the eighteenth century. Located in the center of the old town of Esterri d’Àneu. It is a magnificent building, where during the public holidays and summer you can, through the character “Esperanceta” take a tour that will not leave you indifferent. With humor and mischief, she will show you the ins and outs of the family life of the house and the environment of an era, where the basis of the local economy was almost exclusively livestock and agriculture.

You can continue with a visit to the churches of Sant Joan de Isil, Sant Julià de Unarre, Sant Pere de Sorpe, Sant Pere del Burga, the monumental complex of Son del Pi and Santa Maria de Àneu.

Also, from the same Ecomuseum you will be guided in the discovery of the castles of Llort and València d’Àneu and the bunkers of the Guingueta d’Àneu. Just as the temples show us the sacred art of this area, and the castles tell us about the history of power and territory, there are other elements that teach us work tolls and crafts with which people have earned and continue to earn a living, such as the Alós sawmill and the cheese shop La Roseta de Gavàs.
+ INFORMATION Valls d’Àneu Ecomuseum
C/ del Camp ,22-24 • 25580 Esterri d’Àneu
Tel.: 973 62 64 36
MTB route from Baqueira Beret to Esterri d’Àneu suitable for children.

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