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ALT URGELL / PN del Cadí - Moixeró
THE EXPERIENCE Forests all small mountain villages with the Serra del Cadí as a backdrop. On the northern slopes of the park, below the impressive wall of the Serra del Cadí Mountains there are small villages of great scenic and cultural interest.

Cava, Ansovell, El Querforadat and Arsèguel are well known for being photographed with the backdrop of the Serra del Cadí and its snow-covered peaks. They are surrounded by forests, some of them very old, that are crisscrossed by footpaths on which you can enjoy nature at its purest.

On the highest slopes, we find mountain pine with an undergrowth of mainly juniper and alpenrose. Lower down, we find Scots pine with Montpelier maples, birch and aspen forming clearings among them, and in the valley bottoms, riverside vegetation. Of particular interest is the scree vegetation at the foot of the gullies.

The most representative fauna in these woods are roe deer, chamois, pine martens, capercaillie, black woodpeckers, green lizards, the western whip snake and the Pyrenean brook salamander.
BEAR IN MIND · You must consider the condition of the roads and tracks in winter. These places are on the north face of the Cadí mountain range and the low temperatures and lack of sunlight mean the asphalt is often wet and sometimes icy.

· You should also be careful when driving through these villages, as the access roads can be very narrow and in places there is not enough room for two vehicles to pass. 
MAIN ATTRACTIONS • The impressive views of the north face of the Cadí range and its gullies. 

•  Historical heritage (Sanctuary of El Boscalt, Romanesque churches, stockbreeder and charcoal-marker´s paths, etc.)

• Mountain villages with the Cadí Mountains as a backdrop.

• Legends and traditions, including  “Princess Moctezuma and the Box-Tree of El Boscalt”

• Large forested areas with singular trees such as the L’Orri Pines and the Boscalt Box-Tree, one of the oldest in the Pyrenees. The Ansovell Forest which inspired the author Víctor Català in his novel Solitud.

On the Natural Park’s website, you’ll find detailed information about its activity programme, footpath network, infrastructure (recreational areas, lookout points, interpretation centres, etc.) and local and organic producers:
+ INFORMATION Download all the information about this experience in PDF,Here.